Employee Assistance Programme

Helping life run more smoothly

Our specialist support services help employees prepare for, and cope successfully with, all of life’s major events. Support is accessed via our 24-hour helpline, and calls are always answered in person, with no dial prompts or answer machines.


Employee Counselling

Help your employees cope with life’s predictable challenges and the less predictable crises.

The Optum™ counselling service provides 24 hour, 7 days a week access to telephone counselling. 

Work/Life Information Services

Support employees for life’s practical challenges.

The Optum™  in-house information team can provide assistance and guidance on a wide range of issues to support employees with life’s practical challenges. These issues include debt, consumer issues, housing, family and welfare rights.

Post-Trauma Support

Ensure the wellbeing of your staff and reduce the long-term effects of a critical incident.

When a critical incident or traumatic event occurs, it is essential to take steps to ensure the well-being of your staff and reduce the long-term effects that such an incident may have on your employees.