Employee Assistance Programme

Helping life run more smoothly

Our specialist support services help employees prepare for, and cope successfully with, all of life’s major events. Support is accessed via our 24-hour helpline, and calls are always answered in person, with no dial prompts or answer machines.

Optum™ has led the way in delivering tailored employee assistance solutions. We support employee populations in over 150 countries, and our diverse customer portfolio includes large corporates, public bodies, small and medium enterprises, community organisations and member schemes. The focus of our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) rests on quality of service and return on investment for our customers.

Our core Employee Assistance Programme includes:
  • Telephone counselling
  • Face-to-face counselling
  • Management consultations
  • Debt advice
  • Practical advice on work-life issues
  • Management referral service
  • Online cognitive behavioural therapy
We also offer a range of standalone specialist support services. These include:
  • Dispute resolution
  • Performance coaching
  • Medical information
  • Financial seminars
  • Redundancy support service

Our Employee Assistance Programmes are supported by an online portal.  This interactive, user-friendly portal contains more than 200 fact sheets on issues such as stress, healthy living, budgeting and childcare. Additional features include polls, surveys and news updates to maintain user engagement and drive service utilisation.

Why Optum?

A global reach

With Optum offices in nine countries, as well as a worldwide network of partner organisations, we provide a culturally attuned service to our global client populations. We always aim, where possible, to offer in-country answering, so that callers are greeted in their local language by a local person. Our portal is now also available in 14 languages, ensuring we reach your employees wherever they are in the world.

A unique approach

Far from the traditional reactive approach to employee assistance, Optum takes a preventive approach, encouraging early intervention. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Through our promotional and awareness literature, which focuses on life events and milestones as opposed to crises only
  • Through our online fact sheets, which help employees plan for the future as well as deal with unexpected challenges
  • Through our methods of service delivery, which explore underlying issues instead of merely focusing on the immediate presenting problem. This positive framing of the EAP ensures higher service utilisation as well as a greater understanding of the benefits of using the programme. It also aims to add genuine value to the service we provide, with direct benefit for both the employee and the customer organisation.
A tailored solution

From day one, we work closely with our customer organisations to design a service which meets their individual requirements. Through extensive experience in dealing with a diverse range of businesses, we know that different employee groups engage with our programmes in different ways.

Prior to launch, we can offer advice on maximising employee awareness, whatever the demographic spread within your workforce. We offer co-branding or white labelling on our promotional literature and communications, and we also provide opportunities for bespoke telephone salutations and website customisation.

Our reporting

Our online reporting system gives you full access to your organisation’s utilisation statistics, which include user demographics, presenting issues and return-to-work data, whenever you want. Data is presented clearly and simply and gives you the flexibility you need to get the most from your management information. The system is backed up by powerful help sections to help guide you through the process.

Customers can design their own reports in terms of data capture, reporting periods and visual display. Our consultants can review any reporting trends and work with you to develop an action plan to address any areas of concern.