Post-Trauma Support

Ensure the wellbeing of your staff and reduce the long-term effects of a critical incident.

When a critical incident or traumatic event occurs, it is essential to take steps to ensure the well-being of your staff and reduce the long-term effects that such an incident may have on your employees.

“The team has provided support for emergency response situations on a number of occasions. Each time they have worked with alacrity to drum up appropriately skilled and available practitioners. They have ensured that we have support for the immediate issue but also considered and taken actions to ensure appropriate action to ensure all our employees’ welfare is considered and maintained.”

HR VP, Major Petrochemical Company,  2011

A ”critical” or traumatic incident may include the loss of a colleague, an industrial accident, security threat or terrorist incident. Post-trauma support may also be required where an organisation is making large-scale redundancies. Responding promptly when such an incident occurs is vital in achieving a rapid return to normal business functioning with minimal effect on your company’s productivity.

Post-Trauma Support Line

Managers whose employees have been affected by trauma are provided with telephone access to our post-trauma management team (critical incident team). These specialists can advise your managers on various issues such as the effect that a trauma may have, as well as the responses that a trauma may trigger in the behaviour or emotions of their staff, and the steps that managers can take to support their employees.

Onsite Post-Trauma Support

To minimise the impact of post-traumatic stress responses on your employees, we provide onsite post-trauma support, for those who have been directly or indirectly affected by a traumatic incident. Support is provided either in group sessions or to individuals (most commonly both). These sessions enable us to identify those in need of ongoing support and to educate those involved about the ”normal” and “abnormal” effects of trauma. Our trained responders educate you and your employees about dealing with the aftermath effects of trauma and give you and your team the tools to manage the situation and facilitate a speedier recovery.

Telephone Counselling

Optum™ provides 24/7 access to telephone support for employees. As with all our post-trauma support services, the focus is on reducing the impact of negative responses, by defusing the immediate effects of the incident and providing information about the “normal” and “abnormal” effects of trauma and what steps can be taken to minimise the effects.

Face-to-Face Counselling

Optum has a global network of more than 8,500 counsellors in 150 countries that can provide face-to-face follow up counselling to those requiring support following an incident.

Corporate Preparedness Training

Optum trauma response training courses provide your staff with the skills to manage these situations, enabling them to respond quickly and confidently, reducing the impact on both your staff and the functioning of your business.

Our People

In times of crisis, it is important to know that your company is in good hands. Optum has more than 20 years’ experience in responding to critical incidents and providing support following a traumatic incident. Such incidents include the 2005 London bombings and events arising out of the political unrest in the Middle East.

Our dedicated post-trauma management team oversees the management of all interventions, monitoring the process from the moment support is requested to the successful completion of any post-trauma intervention and additional support of those affected by an incident.

Optum has consistent success in providing global onsite support to organisations and employees which we can respond to within 48 hours of an incident occurring, if clinically appropriate. Our global reach means we can provide multiple responders to various locations throughout the world to assist in the trauma support.