Training and Development

With our training and development services, our experienced trainers work with your management team to build a positive and healthy culture within your organisation.  Through workshops, we offer training for managers on a number of topics including conflict and dispute resolution, stress management and diversity awareness. 

All workshops are delivered by experienced trainers, in a practical and interactive manner. Our courses are fully evidence-based and evaluated for effectiveness, and our trainers and facilitators are all practising professionals in their chosen areas, with authoritative knowledge and first-hand experience of their subject matter.

They speak the language of their audience and will be able to relate the topic to attendee experience. This ensures credibility, integrity and reliability as well as consistently high quality in terms of content and delivery. We aim to ensure that all our events are informative, engaging and, above all, of practical use to attendees.

Understanding the challenges

Workshops are personalised to meet the organisational objectives and fit the brand, values and culture of your organisation. This includes content, format and timing.

Sessions are tailored depending on the number of attendees, skills of the delegates and roles within the organisation. They can be delivered in full-day, half-day or hourly face-to-face formats at the company’s offices or another venue of your choice.

Webinars can provide organisations with a time- and cost-effective alternative when trying to provide training with minimal disruption to the working day. Our webinars combine audio and web services to enable you to reach a large number of employees in multiple locations.

Delivering the difference

Workshop and webinar topics include:

  • Stress management and building resilience
  • Bullying, conflict and dispute resolution
  • Change management — including retirement and redundancy support
  • Disaster response
  • The confident manager, performance appraisals and engagement
  • Managing workplace relationships and diversity awareness
  • Team building, time management and work/life balance
  • Financial planning (including retirement and redundancy) and debt advice