Prescribing decision support

Reduce costs by aiding the prescriber’s decision at the point of prescribing.

With so many considerations and pressures placed upon the prescriber’s workload, our prescribing decision support solution ScriptSwitch® saves time and reduces costs by aiding the prescriber’s decision at the point of prescribing. ScriptSwitch also helps patients get the best possible health outcomes by not only delivering recommendations for existing patient medications, it also supports decision making when initiating new treatments during a patient consultation.


Supporting you in improving the quality of patient care

Scriptswitch® provided by Optum, is the UK's leading, innovative prescribing decision support solution, with more than 10 years' experience of delivering savings to the NHS and improving patient care and outcomes.


The latest summarised clinical evidence at your fingertips

Optum® has partnered with Keele University Centre for Medicines Optimisation (KCMO) to provide ScriptSwitch® users with KINES.

KINES is a concise round-up of developments and findings in key areas of primary care prescribing.

This service enables CCGs and health boards to continue to offer GPs information at the right time and keep them informed about the latest drug updates and clinical evidence.

Any ScriptSwitch user can register to receive KINES free and start experiencing the benefits.

Optum Intelligence and Data Analytics

Optum Intelligence and Data Analytics (IDA) for ScriptSwitch combines the power of big data with the interactivity of personalised dashboards.  

Easily and quickly analyse a more diverse, complex range of data sources. At the same time, provide a more visual representation of data for distribution to a wider, broader audience.