Integrated Care

Optum’s programme accelerates the integration of health and social care to improve quality and outcomes for individuals.  It provides pace and focus to customers through bringing clinical and programme management insight and rigour.  

Key elements of the programme are:

  • Delivery of the Integrated Care model, process and expected outcomes to all GPs
  • Development of the community teams to support the model – ie, virtual wards, community development teams, care co-ordinators, single point of access service
  • Training for Community Matrons, Social Workers and Care Co-ordinators to support the identification of caseloads
  • Development of an integrated care reporting suite that will facilitate commissioners in realising savings and reinvestment opportunities

Optum has extensive experience and knowledge of delivering successful integrated care programmes, including realising savings.  Additionally we focus on driving the system operating model so we are able to explore the real operational procedures and change them to ensure that the programme can be delivered.