Referral Facilitation Services

Support the appropriate use of community, primary and secondary care services.

It is recognised that there is a variability of referral practice with activity increasing. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to ensure the appropriate use of community, primary and secondary care services through patient tracking and data management, to ensure they are all financially sustainable in the future.

Optum’s Referral Facilitation Services provide an experienced, clinically-led team to manage referral practice through all/some of the following:

  • Centralised referral management
  • Clinical assessment of referrals against agreed guidelines including consultant-to-consultant (IGR) referrals
  • Centralised tracking and reporting of referral data
  • Promotion of the service to GPs and support for change in practice
  • Positive outcomes through the refinement of Care Pathways
  • Utilisation of Choose & Book to process referrals
Three elements make Referral Facilitation Services from Optum™ unique:
  1. Experience and knowledge of delivering successful referral management services including realised savings.
  2. Successful engagement with GPs and other key stakeholders to change referral behaviour through provision of feedback on referral patterns and a comprehensive communications and engagement plan.
  3. We are able to provide centralised tracking and data management delivered by Optum technology. This technology provides detailed data and information about referral behaviour and activity levels. This provides CCGs with the information required to manage demand, identify gaps in service provision and evidence for conversations with providers