From Primary Care to Accountable Care: Challenges and Solutions

June 30, 2017

At the Health+Care Commissioning Show, Optum® Senior Vice President for Growth Strategy in the UK David Sharp discussed the practicalities of transformation at a system level.

David provided the following insights:

  • Collaboration and sustainable provider services are the most significant changes in creating accountable care systems.
  • Information can be used to gain insights about where to start on your three to five year journey.
  • Infrastructure tools can give you control and facilitate resource planning in accountable care systems.
  • Incentives are needed to do the right thing with appropriate use of push and pull levers.

Examining the topic from a general practice perspective, Optum Chief Medical Officer in the UK Dr Martin McShane looked at how to overcome challenges on the journey towards primary care at scale and population health management.

Dr McShane summarised:

  • General practice is fundamental to accountable care’s success.
  • The right information, infrastructure and incentives are needed.
  • The key issues challenging general practice, workload and resources, must first be addressed through analysis and process redesign.
  • This can lay the foundations to empower general practice to drive population health management.

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