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Population health management: Reflections on its past and future

The challenges we face are familiar — how to support an ageing population with often more complex needs and an ever-increasing array of treatments. Get lessons on how we can secure the health and care system for the future.

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Examine your population health data to reimagine primary care

Learn how population health management techniques stimulated new ways to support patients and track benefits.

How collecting the right data and skills helps your patients

Make evidence-based decsions for population needs using care navigators, social prescribing link workers and occupational therapists.

4 biggest challenges in population health management

Learn about PHM practice examples from the NHS Confed Expo and ways to improve your communities' health and care outcomes.

Reflections and future hopes for population health management

Learn to support an ageing population with complex needs and an ever-increasing array of treatments using finite resources.

Why population health management is not a panacea

Gain insights into your population’s needs and create a more personalised, proactive approach to care using linked data.

Why general practitioners need a better way to measure demand

Draw out new ways to support patients and reduce time to care by measuring and applying data-on-demand flows.

How better data and technology can improve medicines optimisation

Discover the obstacles holding back medicines optimisation in primary care and learn how technology can be a catalyst for change.