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Medicines optimisation

Supported by analytics and population health management, our portfolio is designed to make prescribing safe, cost effective and simple.

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Supporting a sustainable NHS

Prescribing is the most common patient-level intervention.* It is the second-highest area of spending in the NHS. Helping patients get the best from their medication and focusing on their needs is vital to a sustainable health care system.

We need to manage the health of populations, targeting interventions at those groups most at risk, focusing on preventative health care as well as treatment. There is a chance to galvanise medicines optimisation, improving health outcomes and financial sustainability.

Products and services align with three key principles:

  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Savings

Underpinned by linked data and advanced analytics to help improve decision-making, it means our solutions help clinicians to better support patients and create a more sustainable NHS in the long term.

Working with integrated care systems

As integrated care systems (ICS) evolve and the elective care backlog widens, the need for clinicians to deliver more seamless care for patients is growing. Having one team, one strategy and a ‘do-it-once’ approach presents an opportunity and a challenge.

Systems need to find new ways of working that drive sustainability at system level and adapt easily to place. Providing local control helps deliver person-centred care and simplicity across the prescribing pathway. In the end, this reduces the need for intervention.

We have experience from delivering the NHS Population Health Management Development Programme in 36 ICSs and supporting 76 health boards across England, Scotland and Wales. These insights have helped shape our solutions differently.

Solutions by clinicians, for clinicians

Our technology is built on our improved ScriptSwitch® Prescribing tool. Combined with our partnerships and people, it enables us to work better together in designing and delivering sustainable medicines optimisation strategies.

We are a clinically-led team that is only focused on health and care:

  • More than 20 years of practical real-world experience
  • A deep understanding of the NHS
  • Data science, analytics and clinicians to underpin our products and services.

Our digital products are regulated, safe and compliant. We are Class I medical device registered using quality management system (QMS) standards. All our products conform to U.K. legislation and standards (NHS Digital DCB0129).

The value we deliver

Through our portfolio of products and services, we make medicine optimisation safe, simple and cost effective.



Everything we do centres on getting the prescription right the first time, using recommendations that are patient and context specific.



We help prescribers find the most clinically and cost-effective products, recommending patient-specific medication, dose and quantities.



We’re here to guide you anytime you need us, in a simple way. Our user-friendly interface offers one-click action for prescribers.

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We are committed to advancing medicines optimisation, underpinned by analytics, and population health management approaches, done together.
Chief Pharmacist, Optum
Pete Shergill, BPharm
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Medicines optimisation solutions

Our products and services make prescribing safer, simpler and more cost effective.

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ScriptSwitch® Prescribing

Supporting quality care and cost-effective prescribing.

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Accelerate Prescribing

Helping Integrated Care Systems and Health Boards deliver in-year primary care prescribing savings.

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From population to patient. Find opportunities to improve medication safety, non-adherence and lower costs, all in one place.

Discover how solutions from Optum can help your organisation

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*NHS Digital. Prescribing data. Accessed April 11, 2022.