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Accelerate Prescribing

This pharmacist-led cost saving medicines optimisation service improves prescribing value, with no up-front investment for the System. It is a focussed approach that identifies primary care prescribing savings and delivers cost improvements.


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Approach overview

Our 12-week service delivers your savings plan in a locally agreed way. It features data diagnostics, practice-level engagement and intervention delivered by pharmacists. Our programme management and governance support minimises impact on ICS Medicines Optimisation teams, practice staff and GP time.

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Targeted Cost Saving

Accelerate Prescribing is a time-saving solution that accelerates prescribing savings. It finds high-volume, low-cost switches across your system. Our experienced pharmacists do the work for you in as little as 12 weeks so you can continue to focus on your priorities.

Using analytics to identify prescribing opportunities, we deploy pharmacists into GP practices to implement evidence-based cost savings.


Enhanced focus on quality and safety improvements


Free up your workforce leaving time to focus on higher value work


Accelerated cash-releasing savings in-year

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No upfront cost

There is no upfront cost. We use a ‘risk, reward’ approach, whereby payment is based on validated, evidenced savings by the commissioner. Our approach is co-designed around your local needs and augmented by our extensive library of medicines optimisation prescribing switches.

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