At Optum®, Healthier is our passion and our purpose. We are 94,000 healthcare experts, turning years of medical data into smarter decision making.

We uncover insights that lead to better outcomes for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, health plans, employers and the millions of lives they touch.

People. Technology. Data. Action.

Optum is a unique health services company.  We bring together analytics and expertise to help make the world healthier.

  • We help 156 NHS organisations to modernise and deliver better patient care.
  • We support employee wellbeing programmes in more than 140 countries.
  • We analyse vast amounts of data to uncover newer and smarter insights on delivering better healthcare more efficiently.

With access to healthcare experts working across the globe and key investments in technology and innovation, Optum helps make healthier happen for everyone.

News & events

Case Studies

Optum helps employers and the NHS reduce costs and improve quality of life through research-driven insights, innovative perspectives and proven solutions.


Highlighting quality improvements

How the Central Southern Collaborative team utilised auditing to ensure appropriate use of medication.

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Commissioning pathways in London

Learn how Optum has supported London trusts to identify opportunities for improvement and savings.

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Managing pathways to improve patient care

See how an inpatient efficiency management service helped patients in Thames Valley and Wessex.

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Thought Leadership

Get the Optum point-of-view on today’s biggest healthcare related topics.


Care management for high-risk patients

Discover how a community-based approach provides the best balance of quality and patient care.

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The need for patient and population level metrics

Why the power of data is key to understanding current and future healthcare needs.

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Empowering patients to support health initiatives

How patient empowerment techniques can enable healthier choices and deliver better outcomes.

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